is a product of the Great State of Texas, born and raised near and along the Gulf Coast and currently living in San Antonio. They are a Sagittarius sun, Capricorn everything else; an Earth Bender; and a chaotic neutral.

They are an author of contemporary young adult literature inspired by their own Tejane & Chicane and queer identities. Whether they're writing about coming out in a Mexican American household, immigration, mariachi, or being in a brand new place for the first time, Jonny ultimately hopes Latine young people feel seen and at home in their writing.


When not writing, Jonny enjoys reading, playing Dungeons and Dragons, bar hopping, going to concerts, listening to Selena, caring for their many cacti children, and spending hours on airline websites, pondering on where they might venture off to next.

Jonny is the author of the multi-starred reviewed Fifteen Hundred Miles from the Sun and the upcoming sophomore YA, Ander and Santi Were Here.